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Choosing Between a Single Panel or Sectional Garage Door

If you are in need of a garage, you’ll have to determine whether you’ll need a single panel garage door or a sectional.

Single Panel Garage Door

Single panel doors were installed more often than sectional garage doors. However, this is no longer the case. A single garage door is a slab that slides either up or down. The slide across a space in the top of the garage. The slab is installed inside the hinge and is attached to the door jam. A garage door service technician will then attach springs so that you can safely and effectively begin using your garage door. This can occur even prior to having your garage door opener installed. The single panel garage door and the sectional garage door both use about the same amount of space but the way that they operate are different. In some cases, the single door is hung like a sectional door. This helps it to open more efficiently.

Advantages of a Single Panel Door

The single panel door doesn’t appeal to everyone. However, we want to present you with some of the advantages of having this type of garage door installed so that you can determine which type will be best suited to your needs. 

Cost – The single panel door is less expensive than the sectional door. This is because the materials used to make it are less expensive. It’s also less expensive to replace the parts of a single door than a section of a door. Since the single panel doesn’t have as many parts it makes it less expensive. 

Retro-fitted – A retro-fitted garage door can be used with the same hardware that already exists. You don’t have to have new hardware installed.

Various Options – You won’t have a problem finding the right piece of material to replace a single panel. It can be challenging to find the exact piece when there is more than one. With a single panel door, there are tons of choices that you’ll be able to select from. Although there are also plenty of options for your sectional garage door, you have to find the exact match for the door panels. This can seem impossible and, in some cases, it is. Not only is it more challenging to find the exact panel but it is also time consuming. The customer is not usually happy when they see the sectional panels do not match. With a single panel, you never have to worry about an exact match.

Easy Installation – It is a lot easier for our technician to install a single panel garage door than a sectional. This also means that the maintenance performed on this type of garage door is easier. It takes far less time to handle the maintenance of a single panel garage door than one that is a sectional. A sectional door has a lot of small parts that will need to be cleaned, lubricated and replaced. This is not the case with a single panel garage door. With more parts, the chance of forgetting to replace a part is greater. Although this doesn’t usually happen, the probability is greater for this to occur.

Once you have given some serious consideration to the things we’ve mentioned above, you may be convinced that a single panel door is better suited to your needs. However, before coming to that conclusion, you should at least know the advantages of a sectional garage door.

Advantages of a Sectional Garage Door 

Safer – The springs of the sectional garage door used to be extremely dangerous. If they weren’t properly maintained then they would become problematic. They would usually break due to natural wear and tear or rusty connectors. The problem with this is that the garage door springs would break and bring the door crashing down on whatever is in its path. However, due to advances in technology, there are far less incidents involving broken garage door springs.

Space – A sectional door allows you to close the door close to the frame of the door. This means there are fewer incidents. You are actually afforded more space than you have with a single panel door. Suppose you have to park closer to the back of the garage. This can be difficult to do when you have a single panel door. However, it is possible with a sectional door given the amount of space afforded to you. When you have larger vehicles, a sectional door is a better option.

Inexpensive repairs – If you accidentally run into a single panel door or you have trouble with the springs, it will be more expensive to repair than a sectional door. Remember that a single panel is only a singular slab. With a sectional garage door, you’ll only need to have the sections that are damaged, replaced. This means that your repairs will be less expensive.

Good insulation – It’s possible for you to avoid an expensive energy bill due to a lack of insulation. A sectional garage door usually has far better insulation than a single panel door. 

Now that you have been presented with the things that matter the most regarding the single panel garage door and a sectional, you’re able to make a well-informed decision about which one you’ll have installed. There are other things you may want to consider, which our associates will be happy to discuss with you during your consultation.

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