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Garage Door Opens or Closes on Its Own

Having any component of your property malfunction is frustrating. When you own a property, you pay a great deal of money to sustain it. And when something doesn’t work how it is supposed to, it can be stressful because you might fear it is going to set you back financially. Moreover, when some features of your property fail to work correctly, it can actually be quite dangerous. In this case, we are talking about the garage door. Your garage door is quite heavy and made up of many different parts, all of which much work in sync in order for the garage door to function as a whole.

Garage Door Opens on Its Own

If your garage door is opening or closing on its own, then you might think for a second that your property has suddenly become haunted. Okay, so maybe you won’t go that far – but you will realize something is not right. Here are some of the possible scenarios if you garage door is opening on its own…

Build Up and Debris

The garage door threshold might not be clean. This is especially true during the winter. If snow or even ice build-up, it can cause the mechanical mechanism of the door to fail to operate correctly. This can cause the door to reverse, depending on the sensitivity of the door.

Electrical Damage

The garage door’s opener has electrical circuits, and they could have become damaged during some sort of storm or power surge.

Stranger Things…

In rare scenarios, a neighbor of yours could have a remote which is programmed with the same code as yours. In 2018, this is something that would be extremely rare, though, because the openers would have had to be manufactured in the early 1990s. Again, it is unlikely that this is the case, but it can’t be completely ruled out!


Another possible scenario has to do with more current garage door openers, because let’s face it – most people probably don’t have openers that were made in the early 1990s at this point in time. Openers manufactured later come equipped with two safety mechanisms (photoelectric and mechanical), and these works while the garage door is closing. The photoelectric reversal system could be misaligned. When the sensor housings are misaligned, what happens is this – the beam is essentially cut off, and the garage door identifies this as being some sort of blockage or object that is in the garage door’s way. So, what happens? The garage door opens

while you are attempting to close it. The beams just need to be realigned and the issue should be solved.


In other scenarios, there might merely be something blocking the garage door’s path. This is, of course, a safety feature. So, make sure nothing is in the way of the garage door.

Garage Door Closes on Its Own

Now let’s get into a garage door that closes on its own. Maybe you recently had a new opener installed, or you set it up yourself, and you realize that at random, your garage door is now closing on its own. This is completely dangerous, as you might imagine. What if you are attempting to back your vehicle out of the garage, and you don’t realize the garage door has come halfway down? What happens if you drive right into it? It is important to get this fixed, so if you have a garage door that closes on its own and the solution is not obvious, it is a good idea to call an expert. If you are in our service area, of course we can assist you. We even provide free price quotes and consultations for your convenience. And if you are outside of our service area, a quick Google search for “garage door repair expert near me” or “garage door services in [city]” should reveal some solid options for you. Now, let’s get into why your garage door might be closing on its own.

Faulty Board

The issue could be that a board is faulty. The logic board basically serves as your garage door opener’s brain. If it is faulty in some way, the garage door might close on its own.

Shorts in Transmitter

Another issue could be a short in the wall button. A short can also occur on one of your transmitters. When this happens, signals will be sent to the receiver sensor. In terms of these transmitters, the wiring could be wrong. Of course, these issues would cause a problem and this could lead to the garage door closing on its own.

Malfunctioning Remote Control

The garage door remote could be malfunctioning. In this case, it could be sending incorrect signals to the garage door opener, which in turn leads to the garage door closing by itself. On the other hand, it could simply be that the batteries in your remote are not working as they are supposed to.

Finally, the issue could be radio interference. Frequency could be sent that impacts the garage door’s functionality. Do you live near a radio tower? This could be causing your problem.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what would cause a garage door to open or close on its own.

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